Make sure our personal information stays safe by strengthening our defenses against cyber-breaches.

According to the NC Attorney General, in 2018, there were 1,057 data breaches in the state that affected more than 1.9 million North Carolinians. Representatives Saine, Jones and Reives introduced HB 904, a bipartisan plan to help keep our personal information safe and will help us prevent and respond to breaches better with tighter data protection, increased protections after a breach, and added consent for the use of any of your personal credit data. Strongly supported by law enforcement, the Attorney General and other fraud fighters, HB 904:

• Requires greater consent before a company uses any personal credit data;

• Call for quicker notification to those impacted after a breach to allow people to freeze their credit across all major credit reporting agencies and take other measures to prevent identity theft before it occurs;

• Gives people the ability to place and lift a credit freeze on their credit report at any time, for free.

When it comes to protecting our hard earned income and our credit, the North Carolina Identity Theft Protection Act gives us a better line of defense against the growing problem of cyber-breaches.

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