Thank Your State Senator for Supporting the Share The Care Act 

Last week, the Delaware State Senate passed the Share the Care Act by a unanimous vote! Now it's time to say "Thank you" to your Senator. Let them know you care about this issue, and you appreciate their support of families who care for a loved one at home. 

State Senators passed the Share the Care Act last week, after long negotiations about an amendment to add safety and training requirements. The compromise was a success, winning unanimous approval in the Senate.

Please take this opportunity to say "Thank You"--Let your Senator know that you care about this issue, and that supporting family caregivers is always a smart vote.


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To: [Decision Maker],

I am a constituent of yours and an AARP member. I'm writing to say "Thank You" for supporting family caregivers and helping to pass SB 27 in the Senate.

You did the right thing by supporting Delaware families who care for a loved one.

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