It's Time to Lower Prescription Drug Prices in Connecticut

Tell Governor Lamont to support HB 7174.

Americans pay the highest drug prices in the world while drug companies rake in billions of dollars in profit. Tell Governor Lamont that we need to:

  • Protect older Americans. No one should have to choose between food and medication.
  • Make prescription drugs affordable. Medication can't work if you can't afford to take it.
  • Develop commonsense solutions to lowering Rx prices. Support HB 7174, which would allow Connecticut to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices, stop pharmaceutical companies from paying off their competitors to prevent generic drugs from entering the market, and study the re-importation of lower cost prescription drugs.


The pharmaceutical industry lobbies hard to influence our elected officials. It's time for Connecticut residents to make our voices heard and to ask our leaders to put people over prescription drug profits.

Take a moment to ask Governor Lamont to support HB 7174 and lower the cost of prescription medication for Connecticut residents.


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Americans are paying the highest drug prices in the world, and many people struggle to keep up with the cost of their prescription medication. A national survey conducted by AARP found that 72 percent of older voters are concerned about the cost of their medications, and nearly 40 percent said that they did not a fill a prescription provided by their doctors with cost being the most common reason why. We need your help to lower drug prices, and we are asking you to support passage of HB 7174, An Act Concerning Prescription Drugs.

Connecticut residents need your help. Please support HB 7174, An Act Concerning Prescription Drugs.

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