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No older American on the job or looking for work should be judged on anything other than how well they can do their job – but in a recent AARP study, nearly 2 in 3 workers said they had seen or experienced age discrimination. And, right now, they’re fighting with one hand tied behind their backs.

Ten years ago, a Supreme Court ruling weakened our nation’s age discrimination laws, making it harder for workers to prove age discrimination than any other type of workplace discrimination case including race, gender, and religion. Congress has a chance to change that. A new, bipartisan, age discrimination bill (H.R. 1230) would help level the playing field for older workers and restore their rights to fight back against age discrimination. Your Member of Congress has the chance to be a champion for older workers by co-sponsoring this critical legislation.  But they need to hear from people like you.

Discrimination is discrimination. Tell your Member of Congress to join the fight against age discrimination by co-sponsoring H.R.1230. Use the form below to send your message to your Member of Congress today.


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