Tell the Illinois General Assembly, Senate, and Governor Pritzker that 'Enough is Enough!'

Illinois is experiencing a severe fiscal crisis caused by years of fiscal mismanagement. The numbers are astounding: Illinois has a $6-$8 billion unpaid bill deficit, $3.2 billion structural deficit, and $133.5 billion in unfunded pension deficit.  Even after the past two years with a budget and an increased flat income tax rate, we are still nowhere near out of the woods. 

Illinois has a long way to go until its finances are restored, service providers are paid, vulnerable citizens receive needed services, municipalities are supported, higher education funding is not threatened and the impact of the state’s debt burden is not a worry for all residents. 

Enough is Enough! Illinois politicians must make fixing Illinois’ finances their number one priority.  Urge your legislator to pass a balanced budget for fiscal year 2020, and to give Illinois voters the opportunity to vote for a Fair Tax. 



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