Thank Senator Grassley for his work on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices

On July 25th, Senator Grassley as Chairman of the Finance Committee led the way for the passage of the Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act of 2019. The legislation is the result of strong bipartisan work to help seniors and all Americans, who pay the highest drug prices in the world. .

Senator Grassley showed leadership by standing up to PhRMA and voting to lower drug prices. While committee passage is a crucial first step leading up to full Senate action, we know that Senator Grassley and other U.S. Senators will be receiving strong push back from the Pharmaceutical Industry.

That’s why we are urging all Iowan AARP members to thank Senator Grassley. It’s important that he hears from you today to stay strong in this effort to lower drug prices!

Please send an email to thank Senator Grassley for his leadership in standing up to big PhRMA and for voting for this proposal to cut drug prices.

Feel free to customize your message with why the need to cut prescription drug prices is important to you, and your family.


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