Public Comments Needed on Idaho's 1115 Medicaid Waiver

Right now, the Department of Health and Welfare is considering a waiver to provide limited Medicaid expansion to Idahoans and they are doing so despite Idahoans overwhelmingly voting in favor of a clean expansion of Medicaid. As the Department receives comments on this waiver, we are asking them to consider the impact of the limits they are proposing, especially how they will impact older adults. 

AARP supports expanding Medicaid to hard-working Idahoans with incomes up to 138% of poverty level without burdensome work requirements. Many of these individuals are working, but without health benefits. These individuals should not have to jump through bureaucratic hoops to receive care.

Others have been forced out of the workforce through no fault of their own. Idahoans who are 50 and older already have a difficult time re-entering employment after losing a job.  Gaining new employment is particularly stressful for older Idahoans because they spend longer trying to find a new position and they experience long-term unemployment at rates higher than their younger counterparts.  For people over 50 who live in rural and small farming communities, finding a new job or volunteer opportunities can be an even bigger challenge.

Use the form below to contact the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare today and ask them to remove the work requirements on all persons 50 and older.  


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