Thank You!!!

You raised your voice on the importance of protecting Illinois consumers from being unfairly and unknowingly taken advantage of by alternative retail electric suppliers – and it worked.

On Monday, Gov. Pritzker signed The Home Energy Affordability and Transparency Act into law, and Attorney General Kwame Raoul recognizes how integral AARP Illinois’ members were in making this happen. More than 1,000 AARP members – including you – took the time to click through and urge their local legislator to co-sponsor the bill.

QUOTE FROM AG’s office here.  

As a result of your concern, the new law:

  • Requires the utility’s comparison price to be included on all supplier marketing materials, during telephone or door-to-door solicitations, and on every consumer’s utility bill so that consumers can make informed price comparisons;
  • Completely eliminates early termination fees and penalties; for agreements after the bill is signed into law.
  • Prevents suppliers from renewing a consumer’s contract without notifying the consumer of the new rate;
  • Stops the practice of switching consumer’s from fixed to variable rates without their consent;
  • Protects public energy assistance funds, LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) and PIPP (Percentage of Income Payment Plan), from being wasted to pay the higher prices charged by alternative retail energy suppliers;
  • Requires suppliers to report their rates to the Illinois Commerce Commission and Attorney General;
  • Improves the Attorney General’s existing authority to protect consumers from suppliers’ unlawful and deceptive marketing practices.

 We are grateful to you for helping to stand up for older adults and their families in Illinois. Your advocacy has made a meaningful difference.



Bob Gallo







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