Ask Governor Newsom to SIGN AB 824

AB 824, which would ban harmful “pay-to-delay” agreements, has passed both houses of the legislature and is now on Governor Newsom’s desk. AARP is urging him to SIGN THE BILL.

The Governor needs to hear from you today!  SEND A MESSAGE to Governor Newsom urging him to do the right thing by standing up to the drug companies and putting PEOPLE OVER PROFITS.

Again please CONTACT GOVERNOR NEWSOM using the form below and urge him to help us STOP Rx GREED by signing AB 824 into law.


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Governor Newsom: Please SIGN AB 824

Dear [Decision Maker],

Californians have had enough of inflated prescription drug prices. That's why I am asking you to SIGN AB 824, which would ban harmful "pay to delay" agreements between brand-name and generic drug manufacturers, which keep lower-priced prescription drugs off the market.

Contrary to the dishonest arguments put forward by PhRMA, nothing in AB 824 would increase the time it takes for generics to come to market. Again, I am asking you help California put PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS by SIGNING AB 824 INTO LAW.

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