Retirement Secuirty Task Force Announced

Great news! Last week, Governor Evers signed an Executive Order creating the Governor’s Task Force on Retirement Security. The Task Force will be chaired by Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski and will include a wide range of stakeholders, including AARP Wisconsin.  Send a thank you to Governor Evers for his leadership in making sure Wisconsin workers are on track for a secure retirement!


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Thank you for creating the Retirement Security Task Force

Dear Governor Evers,

Thank you for creating the Retirement Security Task Force. This is an important first step in making sure that all Wisconsin workers have a chance at a secure retirement. Too many Wisconsinites are working hard but don't have any way to save for retirement at work. The Task Force is a good first step in finding ways to help people adequately save for retirement so they can take control of their own futures.

Thanks for your leadership on this issue!

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