AARP North Carolina members help derail controversial utility bill provisions!

Thanks to you, the most expensive provisions of Senate Bill 559 were defeated. The original bill put public utility companies’ interests above those of North Carolina utility customers. Lawmakers heard the concerns of AARP members and many others and declined to change the way the state’s Utilities Commission reviews rate increases.  Provisions could have allowed multi-year rate hikes and latitude to earn more than the target rate of return (banded rates).  All of this happened in spite of the efforts of Duke Energy, which lobbied intensely for the change.

The North Carolina General Assembly did approve a change in the way utility companies finance storm repairs designed to save ratepayers money. However, the bill's most controversial measures were defeated. This is a huge win for North Carolina utility customers.

Please take a moment and thank your Representative for standing up for the needs of North Carolina utility customers by protecting a regular public review process that is important to keeping utility rates fair and reasonable in the future.


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