Thank your Ramsey County Commissioner for supporting a future of safe walking, biking and transit in Ramsey County

Did you know that more than 9 in 10 adults say it's important for their communitiy to have streets, sidewalks, and dedicated pathways for all users including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists? Contrary to recent perceptions, Boomers and Millennials agree on this point. A recent AARP survey showed that a majority of community members across all age brackets 18 - 65+ agree that well-maintained streets, easy to read traffic signs, and streets and intersections that are well-lit, accessible, and safe for all uses - are most important to their neighborhoods.

The availability of accessible road design, walkability, transportation options, and supportive services influences not only whether a preson can remain in the community but also the types of activities in which some can participate.

Walking, bicycling, and staying active promote physical and mental health. The simple act of walking or riding a bike reduces the chance of dementia, depression, diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and high blood pressure by at least 40%. Growing evidence shows that spending time in nature boosts the health of people 65+. The more connected and engaged people are with their community, the more likely they are to age successfully. 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for supporting safe and healthy biking and walking in Ramsey County.

As your constituent, I want to thank you for your commitment to increased transportation safety and walkability in my community. Your investment in multimodal, active transportation helps ensure Ramsey County is a safer place for residents of all ages and abilities, whether they are driving, biking, walking or in a wheelchair for years to come.

I appreciate your service to our community and your commitment to making Ramsey County a great place to get outside and get active no matter your age or ability.

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