Support Family Caregivers

AARP is fighting to support family caregivers – but we need your help. Please use the form below to send a message to your state representative to urge them to schedule a public hearing on The CARE Act (AB-584).

The CARE Act features three important provisions:

  • The name of the family caregiver is recorded when a loved one is admitted into the hospital
  • The family caregiver is notified if the loved one is to be discharged to another facility or back home; and,
  • The facility must provide an explanation and live instruction of the medical tasks – such as medication management, injections, wound care, and transfers –that the family caregiver will perform at home.

These provisions ensure that family caregivers are able to properly care for their loved ones.


If you have a personal story related to caregiving that supports the need for passing the CARE Act, please share that story in the box below, and it will be sent directly to your legislator.


Thank you for your help on this critical issue.


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Schedule a Hearing On the CARE Act in the Assembly Committee on Health.

Dear Representative,

When a loved one needs help, it is human nature to want to step in and lend a hand. Thousands of Wisconsinites are doing just that - caring for a parent or loved one, helping them to live independently in their homes. It may be short-term, like helping with care and maintenance following a medical procedure; or longer term, like assisting with medications, preparing special meals, or performing wound or ostomy care. Whether it is short or long term, these family caregivers need adequate notification and education in order to properly care for their loved one.

I am writing to urge you to schedule a hearing for the CARE Act (AB 584).

The CARE Act recognizes the critical role family caregivers play in keeping their loved ones out of costly institutions. The bill ensures that the name of the family caregiver is recorded when a loved one is admitted into a hospital, and that caregivers get the information they need to successfully help their loved one at home.

Please, schedule a hearing for the CARE Act (AB 584) and support family caregivers.

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