Let your Representative and Senator know that they need your help, they need to fight to lower the high cost of prescription drugs!! 

The rapidly rising cost of prescription drugs has gotten out of hand. In fact, it has gotten so bad that one in four Oklahomans report skipping medication due to the high cost. While congress debates what to do, we need our state lawmakers to take action this legislative session to help Oklahomans afford their medications.

Fortunately, several lawmakers have filed nearly a dozen bills to help lower the cost of prescription drugs. These bills allow Canadian importation, cap the cost of insulin and enact transparency measures to shine some light on the pricing practices of the drug companies. You can bet Big Pharma will do everything they can to stop them from passing. As the session gets underway I will reach out to you about specific bills, but for today can you spare three minutes to send your Representative and your Senator an email asking them to help lower the cost of prescription drugs?

Our lawmakers need to hear from their constituents on this subject. We have an option for you to share a personal story about how the high cost of prescription drugs have impacted you or your family. Our lawmakers need to know the difference they can make.

Together, we can fight back against Big Pharma, but it won’t be easy. Please take a few minutes and let your elected officials know how important it is to reign in the out-of-control cost of prescription drugs.



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Dear [Decision Maker],

Oklahomans across our state are struggling to afford their prescription drugs. You might be aware that over the last five years the average annual cost of a prescription drug treatment has jumped 57.8% while our annual income has only rose 2.6%. You may have also heard that one out of four Oklahoman's skip medication due to the cost.

As you can see, something must be done. Several bills have been filed in the House and Senate that will help control the cost of prescription drugs. I urge you to take action this legislative session and make sure that all Oklahoman's can afford their medicine and can stop choosing between prescription drugs and food. I appreciate your support in making this happen.

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