Tell Rep. Morris: Pass LD 594 

Your State Representative in Augusta, Rep. Josh Morris, has a big vote coming up tomorrow. Send a message to urge him to support this important legislation to help working Maine families save for retirement now.

When it comes to the financial security of Maine's families, it doesn't look so rosy. Working households in Maine currently have only $2,500 in retirement savings. That's barely an emergency fund. Nearly half of all private-sector workers have no access to a retirement program through their employers. That's more than 235,000 working Mainers who can't save a dime for retirement at work. 

It doesn't have to be this way. And we have a solution that Rep. Morris could support tomorrow! 

Here's why LD 594 is a game-changing piece of legislation. It would:

  • Create a retirement program that would offer an IRA to all working Mainers not currently offered a retirement option by their employer. 
  • Establish a public-private partnership removing the barrier currently keeping small businesses from offering retirement programs to their employees. 
  • Remove administrative and cost burden on small business employer who want to help their employees save.
  • Create new market for qualified investment firms to reach an un-served population of hard working Mainers 
  • Save taxpayer dollars by taking pressure off of taxpayer funded public programs for those that need them most. 
  • Build millions in retirement savings over time.

Tell your legislator, Rep. Josh Morris,  to stand with working Mainers and small businesses owners and VOTE YES on LD 594!



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