Tell Senate Leaders it's time to Stop Rx Greed!

Americans shouldn't have to pay the highest drug prices in the world for the medicines they need. Minnesotans depend on their prescriptions - but from cancer treatments to EpiPens, and beyond, drug companies' skyrocketing prices are pushing life-saving treatments out of reach for those who need them. Medications don't work if people can't afford them.

These outrageously high prices affect all Americans by raising taxes, premiums, and out of pockets costs for everyone. Drug companies spend a whopping $6.1 billion marketing their products to consumers in 2017. It's not fair to make American consumers foot the bill for big drug companies' lobbyists and flashy marketing campaigns. No one should have to choose between buying medicine or buying food for our families. That's not just wrong - it's shameful.

It's time for Senate leaders to take action to protect Minnesotans from price gouging by drug companies. Tell Senate leaders to give the Prescription Drug Affordability Commission bill (SF3120) a hearing! 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Americans shouldn't have to pay the highest prices in the world for the medicines they need. Yet, in 2017, one in four (26%) Minnesotans stopped taking medication as prescribed due to cost. That is why I am asking you to give SF3120 a hearing. This bill would create a Prescription Drug Affordability Commission, which would ensure that all prescription drugs would be affordable to Minnesotans, including brand name and specialty drugs.

The bi-partisan Prescription Drug Price Affordability Commission bill would establish an independent Commission to evaluate drug prices and set maximum reimbursement levels. Based on the commonsense state regulation of public utilities, the Commission would protect people, state and local governments, health plans, providers, and pharmacies from excessive costs and ensures prescription drug prices are affordable.

As your constituent, I urge you to stand up to big drug companies from price gouging seniors and taxpayers and pass this bipartisan legislation to ensure Minnesotans can afford their medications. Lifesaving medications do not work if people cannot afford them. Please hear the bill.

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