Stop Illegal Robo Calls

Americans receive around 48 billion robocalls a year and scammers use readily available software to "spoof" Caller ID, making it show any number they want. According to the Federal Trade Commission Minnesotans reported losing $18.7 million dollars last year with a majority of the case involving impostor scams.

Help fight back by asking your legislator to support HF3099, a bill to improved existing protections for consumers by requiring telephone providers to weed out these illegal calls.


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Please support HF3099 a bill to better protect Minnesota consumers from illegal robocall scams.

Each day scammers are targeting people like me using deceptive "spoofing" technology to appear to be calling from my neighborhood, town or from a government agency. These schemes are known as impostor scams and they were the top form of scams reported in Minnesota last year.

Under this bill, telecom service providers would be required to block false or misleading caller identification information and criminal penalties would be included for violators. It also prohibits the state from entering into a contract with a telecom service provider that isn't complying with the new rules.

Minnesotans are being targeted each and every day. We need more tools to protect those most at risk. With your help we can pass this bill so fewer Minnesotans will receive illegal calls and fall victim to fraud.

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