Long-Term Care Workers Deserve Our Support Too

Not enough has been done to address the dire situation in Minnesota's congregate settings due to COVID-19. Minnesota lawmakers must protect older people living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and the staff caring for them. Tell your lawmaker more needs to be done!


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Minnesota must protect older, vulnerable adults living in nursing homes and other congregate settings and the staff caring for them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Long-term care workers are on the front lines, protecting our most vulnerable Minnesotans each day this pandemic continues. Staff working in nursing homes and assisted living facilities do so often without the proper protective equipment they need like masks, disposable gowns, and face shields.

Minnesota must do more to ensure that senior care residents and workers are prioritized for testing and personal protective equipment. Additionally, more must be done to ensure adequate staffing is in place during this crisis.

We all know that COVID-19 is especially dangerous for older people, particularly those with underlying health conditions. Those living in close quarters are even more susceptible. But there's no reason nursing home residents should be made more vulnerable because staff are not available or without the protective equipment they need.

Seventy-five percent of the deaths in Minnesota are long-term care residents. Behind each of the numbers is a real person and a family or loved one grieving the loss of life. Please do more to show support for workers' efforts and thank them for their tireless work.

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