On July 14th Maine will host a primary election in the middle of a pandemic. Mainers shouldn't have to choose between their health and their vote. We're calling on Gov. Mills to commit to four common-sense solutions to making July 14th, and all of our statewide elections, safer and more secure. 

Sign our petition urging Gov. Mills to protect the vote!  

We don't have to force Mainers to choose between staying healthy and casting their vote on July 14th. There are simple ways Maine could lead the way in carrying out a safe and secure Election Day. But we need a plan from Gov. Mills.  

Providing online options to help online registration, mailing absentee ballots to every registered voter, preserving a safe in-person voting option for those unable to vote by mail, and including paid postage for all returnable voter mailings are four key solutions we believe will make July 14 safer, more secure, and more accessible for more Mainers. 

Raise your voice and help us protect the vote on July 14th! 


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