Don't Let PEPCO Rise Your Rates Again!

Tell the D.C. Public Service Commission that you support the motion filed by the D.C. Office of the People’s Counsel to delay and re-evaluate PEPCO’s proposed 3-year, $160 million rate increase due to the public health emergency. Now is not the time to raise electric rates or connection fees.

The District’s economic outlook is changing. More than 90,000 D.C. residents filed for unemployment since March, and the Mayor predicts a budget shortfall of approximately $722 million due to lost revenue and emergency costs from the public health emergency. Now is not the time for the Public Service Commission to let Pepco raise your electric rates.

On Thursday, May 14th, the D.C. Public Service Commission is allowing PEPCO to host a Conference to discuss postponing the proposed rate increase. Show your support  in delaying the PEPCO rate increase, and re-evaluation of the PEPCO’s forecast cost projections.




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