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AARP South Carolina would like to again thank Rep. Bannister for not only supporting, but really leading the way for the passage of The Workforce and Senior Affordable Housing Act.


Many communities across South Carolina are experiencing a severe shortage of affordable housing. This law seeks to remedy that problem.

The new law is based on and works in tandem with The Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program authored by Jack Kemp and Bob Dole and signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1986. It was the most bipartisan supported housing program in the nation's history. 

The Workforce and Senior Affordable Housing Act provides a tax credit to long term investors in affordable housing developments. No credits are given until construction is complete and and the development is fully leased to income-qualified residents. The law allows for further development of rural, metro, coastal areas by helping to offset higher land and construction costs. This law promises to provide affordable housing and jobs to South Carolina at a time when both are deperately needed. 

We hope you will join us in thanking Rep. Bannister for working in a bipartisan manner to ensure the passage of this neccessary and timely law. Please input your information to send the editable thank you letter on this page. 


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