Every Vote Counts – Every Voter’s Safety Should Too

Residents should not have to risk their lives or health to vote. Demand action to ensure they can cast them safely by mail.

In order to protect Connecticut voters, election officials, and volunteers who staff polling locations, many of whom are retirees, we believe Connecticut should begin efforts now to develop alternative means for a voter to cast their ballot. Residents, especially those who are older,  should not have to risk their lives or their health to exercise their right to vote. Specifically, AARP is recommending that Connecticut:


  • Remove the requirement that an excuse be provided to utilize an absentee ballot – the need to avoid crowds and lines during this crisis should be reason enough to request an absentee ballot.
  • Take whatever steps are necessary to enable the state to send an absentee ballot to all registered voters in the state. This would be especially useful for those in long-term care centers, medical facilities, or quarantined due to the virus.




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Dear [Decision Maker],

With voters now set to go to the polls on August 11th and November 3rd, we believe that Connecticut should take action now to ensure that all registered voters can cast their ballots safely.

These are challenging times for all of Connecticut's residents. We look toward our elected officials for leadership.. I am asking you to ensure that I have a safe and secure way to exercise my right to vote safely by mail during this unprecedented time.

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