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Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I ask you to stand up for nursing home residents and their families. COVID-19 is hitting our Ohio nursing home residents the hardest. Using the circumstances of a pandemic to permanently strip residents and their family's rights to access courts when reckless conduct harms their loved ones, is unacceptable. Any bill that gives the nursing home businesses, unlimited broad immunity from legal accountability even after the pandemic is wrong. If immunity must be offered, it must be restricted to the spread of coronavirus and have a deadline for when immunity ends, as proposed in House Bill 606.

I also ask you to protect both the right to vote and voters' health in Ohio's general election. I support both in-person voting and robust vote-by-mail options so voters have the option to choose how they wish to participate in voting and help lessen the large crowds on Election Day. I support pre-paid postage for ballot applications, multiple early in-person voting options, and multiple drop-box options for voters to return their absentee ballots in-person.

Support the passage of House Bill 13 to expand broadband internet access in Ohio. Access to high-speed internet connectivity is critically important in light of the COVID19 crisis, and is particularly crucial for the 25 percent of rural Ohioans who have no access to broadband. Your support provides Ohio business and schools with the connectivity they need to operate in a time of crisis, allows older Ohioans to take advantage of telehealth options and will help combat social isolation.

I urge you to end surprise medical bills in Ohio, by supporting and passing House Bill 388. When patients receiving care in an in-network facility, they shouldn't be burdened with unexpectedly high costs because out-of-network specialists treated them.

Thank you for listening to me, your constituent, in support of older Ohioans.

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