Retirement Should Be Within Everyone's Reach


Nearly half of Hawai’i’s private sector workforce – 216,000 people – do not have a way to save for retirement at work. Social Security alone is just not enough to depend on to take care of your basic needs in later years.  So, unless we act soon, a secure retirement will be out of their reach.

This is wrong. Our state leaders can fix it.

Hawai'i Saves provides small businesses access to an easy, no-cost retirement savings option, and gives their employees a way to save out of their regular paycheck.

Setting up a Hawai’i Saves program can help those workers grow the savings they need to take control of their futures.  But for the last five years, efforts to take the first steps to create a program have died in the Legislature.

There is a cost to doing nothing. Every year we wait means more working families will retire into poverty.  Tell Hawai'i lawmakers: Pass Hawai'i Saves and put a secure future within reach.


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