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Ohioans depend on their prescriptions —from cancer treatments to  EpiPens, drug companies' skyrocketing prices are pushing life-saving treatments out of reach for those who need them. No one should have to choose between buying medicine or buying food for their families.

Before the ink dries on the final report, make your voice heard!

In just a few short days, Ohio’s Prescription Drug Council will meet for the last time before sending Governor DeWine a final report.

Will you help us ensure the Council’s final report to Governor DeWine includes two essential recommendations?

1. Demand Price Transparency

2. Negotiate Lower Drug Price

Join AARP in urging Ohio to promote transparency & negotiate drug prices.



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Support commonsense solutions to lower prescription drug prices!

Dear Governor DeWine, 

As you review the recommendations of the Prescription Drug Transparency and Affordability Advisory Council I am writing to urge you to address the high cost of prescription drugs in Ohio with a focus on two specific recommendations:

1. Requiring price transparency from drug makers

2. Strengthening Ohio's buying power when negotiating prescription drugs

Americans pay among the highest drug prices in the world and many are having to choose between buying the medications they need and other essentials. Meanwhile, brand name drug prices continue to increase at rates that far exceed general inflation.

Holding drug makers accountable by requiring pricing transparency and negotiating with our state's full buying power will help drive down costs and protect the wallets of Ohio taxpayers, their families and our State's bottom line. Ohioans need all the help than can get during these difficult times.

Please support recommendations and enact laws, here in Ohio, that lower drug costs today!

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