We Need your Help to Stop OG&E! 

Can you believe it? OGE is at it again. This time they want you to pay for $810 million in pet projects that even they admit you will see almost no benefit from.
Despite reporting huge profits, OG&E is once again asking you to give them more money. This time, OG&E is asking for another $810 million, raising your rates by over 7%. It is hard to believe that they keep asking, again and again for more of your hard-earned money, especially now. What are they even doing with all this money?

With your help, we can stop this unwarranted increase. Please take a moment and let your elected Corporation Commissioners know that you won’t stand for this by filling out the box to the right to send them an email. 

Tell the Corporation Commissioners to reject OG&E’s unnecessary rate increase, we just can’t afford to have our rates raised anymore.



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Dear [Decision Maker],

Please tell OG&E to stop trying to raise my rates again and again. Commissioner, I need your help. I need you to stand up to their never-ending requests. It seems like every year they want me to shoulder more and more instead of using their own money or finding efficiencies. I know with your help, we can push back against these outlandish request, especially with everything that is going on.

Commissioner, please help us fight back against OG&E's relentless requests to raise our rates. Please reject OG&E's rate increase and, instead, look for ways to lower our rates. Thank you for taking into consideration the detrimental impacts another rate increase will have on so many Oklahomans. Thank you for telling OG&E no!

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