Stop the Electric Utilities’ Boondoggle 

Florida electric investor-owned utilities’ Storm Protection Plans (SPP) will speed electricity restoration minimally, for very few customers, with dramatic rate increases for all. The plans are about utility profits, not storm protection.

Investors of Florida Power & Light (FPL), Gulf Power, Duke Energy Florida, Tampa Electric Company (TECO) will make a killing to the tune of $12 BILLION. 

You still have time to take action! Write to the Florida Public Service Commission TODAY and tell them to keep the money in your pocket not rubber-stamp these plans that line the pockets of investors and go against the commission's own rules:

-  AARP Florida estimates Florida electric customers will pay $40 billion for implementation of the plans by 2059, including an estimated $12 billion in profits for utilities.

-  All customers will subsidize a tiny few. Despite the SPPs massive size, few customers will experience shorter storm-related outages. For example, just 4 percent of FPL’s residential customers and 5 percent of Duke Energy’s customers will get their overhead powerlines undergrounded.

-  The SPPs are not strategic, and do not consider any modern options for reducing grid dependence, such as: solar, batteries, or a more decentralized electricity system.

-  None of the SPPs complied with the PSC’s own Rules (25-6-030) for such plans.


Tell the Florida Public Service Commission that you've had enough of these state mandated monopolies' bad corporate citizenry and deserve lower electric rates now!

On your correspondence, be sure to include: a) your first and last name filled in the box to the upper right; b) your electric utility’s name and the address where you receive electric service; and c) the docket number 20200092-E1 so that it can be included for consideration. Correspondence should be sent as soon as possible, and in any event so that it is received by the PSC by September 30, 2020.






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We are in the middle of a pandemic with unemployment rampant in our state. Right now, Floridians need help making ends meet paying day-to-day expenses, including rising healthcare costs and prescription drug prices, as well as increasing rents and food costs.

What Floridians do not need now is to pay for services that benefits no more than 5 percent of ratepayers.

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