Ask the Candidate: How will you protect Social Security?

In Maine, there are over 300,000 recipients of Social Security, for some Social Security makes up 90% of their income. Social Security has been the difference between poverty and financial security for many beneficiaries. Americans pay into the program with each hard-earned paycheck and for many it is the only guaranteed source of life long income.

That is why before you vote in the Nov. 3 election you should know how the candidates plan to secure this vital program for current and future generations. We need a plan now on how those running for office plan to work together, if elected, to ensure that benefits will be paid to those who earned them.

Now more than ever, when Americans are struggling to afford health care and other basic needs, Social Security is even more important. Join us in asking candidates in the Maine U.S. Senate race: If elected, how will you ensure that Social Security benefits are not cut and that the program is solvent for current and future beneficiaries?


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How will you protect Social Security?

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