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HealthActionNow.org is an effort by AARP to urge Congress and the Obama Administration to work together to pass meaningful health reform – now!

With the rising cost of medical care taking a toll on millions of Americans already struggling in this economic crisis, the reality is that we cannot truly fix our economy until we fix health care. But special interest groups are using scare tactics and spreading myths to block progress on health reform – click here to get the facts.

To AARP, any real health care reform plan must address the following six priorities:

  • Guaranteeing access to affordable coverage for Americans age 50 to 64;
  • Closing the Medicare Part D coverage gap or "doughnut hole";
  • Creating access to generic versions of biologic drugs used to treat cancer and other serious diseases to reduce the price of these costly treatments;
  • Preventing costly hospital readmissions by creating a follow-up care benefit in Medicare to help people safely transition home after a hospital stay;
  • Increasing federal funding and eligibility for home and community based services through Medicaid so older Americans can remain in their homes and avoid more costly institutions as they age; and
  • Improving programs that help low income Americans in Medicare afford the health care and prescription drugs they need.