Tell the President and Congress to leave Medicare benefits out of any political deals!

Right now, the President and Congress are considering making a political deal that could cut Medicare benefits and raise seniors' costs for generations to come. Our elected leaders owe it to all Americans to find commonsense solutions to secure Medicare for future generations, while keeping the promise they've made to seniors. Lowering prescription drug prices, coordinating care, and cracking down on waste and fraud are some of the commonsense ways we can strengthen Medicare and save taxpayers billions – without hurting seniors and their kids and grandkids.

Tell Washington: Don't bargain away our Medicare benefits. Send a message today!


Keep Medicare Strong

President Obama and Members of Congress,

We are millions of Americans who have paid into Medicare our entire lives and we're calling on you now to say "no" to any political deal that forces us to pay more or cuts our Medicare benefits. As you work to resolve the current debate over paying the nation's bills and funding the government, we urge you to oppose any deals that include harmful cuts to Medicare that will hurt all of us. After paying into Medicare with every paycheck, we're tired of politicians who say the only way to strengthen Medicare is to cut benefits or make seniors pay more.

Proposals currently being considered – such as raising the Medicare age, adding new co-pays to services like lab tests, and increasing seniors' premiums and deductibles – will hurt seniors now and for generations to come.

We believe there's a better way.

We need responsible solutions that keep Medicare strong, not harmful cuts. Congress should start by lowering drug costs, improving care coordination and cracking down on over-testing, waste and fraud.

Clamping down on drug companies' high prices, reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions, improving systems for tracking fraudulent billing – these are commonsense ways to put Medicare on more stable ground without hurting seniors and future generations.

We the undersigned urge Congress to oppose any political deals that include cuts to Medicare so we can keep it strong for seniors and their kids and grandkids.

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