Tell Congress you're counting on them to protect Social Security!

For 75 years Social Security has been a sacred promise to millions of Americans. But today Washington is focused on budget cuts, not the people that Social Security protects.

Remind Congress that Social Security is more than just a number by adding your picture to our photo petition today! It's easy – just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Make your sign

You can download our sign below, or create one of your own! We'd love to see your creative ideas.

sample sign

Step 2. Take a photo of yourself holding the sign.

If you'd like to use our template, please fill in the reason why you think Social Security is worth protecting.

Then take a picture of yourself holding the sign, like the example to the right – the higher the resolution, the better. You can even ask your children, grandchildren, or others to join you!

Step 3. Upload your photo.

Then just fill out the form on this page to upload your photo.