Tell the President and Congress: Say no to Social Security cuts!

As Congress comes back to DC this week, talks are already starting about the budget and the debt ceiling. And, once again, cuts to your Social Security benefits are on the table – particularly through the chained CPI, which would cut your yearly cost-of-living adjustment by thousands.

Send your custom message using our special form below, and tell the president and Congress that you won't stand for cuts to your Social Security benefits!

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To: President Obama and Your Members of Congress

My name is , and I'm counting on you to reject chained CPI as part of any budget deal.

I'm and . And the fact is, my cost-of-living adjustment isn't just a line item on the federal budget – it's how I’m able to afford .

As an AARP supporter, I urge you to reject chained CPI and find solutions to keep Social Security strong for years to come. With so many other costs on the rise, it's time to keep America's promise to seniors and not cut benefits.

Thank you.


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