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Download your Free CARE Act Wallet Card Today!

AARP Ohio fought for the Caregiving Act because supporting Ohio's more than 1.4 million family caregivers is a top priority for all of us. 

The Ohio Caregiving Act requires Ohio hospitals to:

1)  Record the name of the family caregiver when a loved one over age 55 is admitted into a hospital;
2)  Notify the caregiver if the loved one is to be discharged to another facility or back home; and,
3)  Provide the family caregiver with instruction and demonstration on all tasks that the family caregiver will have to perform at home — such as medication management, injections, wound care, and transfers.

Free Wallet Card 

You can download a convenient wallet card that you can keep in your and your loved one's wallet. This card will provide you with quick access to the information you need to know about the Ohio Caregiving Act the next time you or a loved one is hospitalized.

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